Unique Resort in Bali

Makawi Tuwa

Somewhere at the end of the world …

Imagine a place somewhere between an incredibly stunning nature and blue ocean, where you can witness the most beautiful sunrise every single day. Where there is only a small island and mountains in the distance in front of you. This place is truly relaxing and peacefully quiet (except during ceremony periods through the year :) This is not just another hotel in Bali. This is our place. Makawi Tuwa.


What will you get to experience?

Accommodation in the boho bungalows

Falling asleep while listening to the sound of the waves crashing into the cliff

Awakening into breathtaking sunrise and a view of Rinjani volcano on Lombok island

Swimming in the sea by the black sand beach

Swimming in the infinity pool with an unbelievable view of the ocean

Trips around the island with our Balinese tour guy Made

Have you ever slept over on a cliff?

No? Believe us, it is an unforgettable experience!

During the night you can clearly hear the sound of waves crashing into the cliff and every morning you get to wake up into breathtaking sunrise and view of Rinjani volcano on Lombok island.

Video by Lukas Jirkovský

Let´s take a look inside…..

This piece of paradise, which we proudly call ours, offers two bungalows with an outdoor terrace designed in a boho style. Moreover, there are swings, canopy beds, handmade home décor, and furniture, underlining the overall boho vibe. The icing on the cake is the bamboo half-opened bathroom where you can watch the night sky while taking the shower.

And how much does it all cost?

Here, you can download a sample budget for 10 days for 2 people inclusive everything you would possibly need (flight tickets, accommodation, food, trips around, rental of the scooter, airport pick-up/ drop-off and what not)

And what about the food?

There is a private restaurant just for our guests, where you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our amazing chef Neli can cook Indonesian as well as European cuisine. Moreover, our fridge is always full of beers, fruit and some junk food because why not, right?

Don´t worry about the money – in our restaurant you just simply take note every time you order something and pay at the end of your stay. Mineral water, coffee or tea are complimentary, so get as much as you want.

After great food

relaxation on a whole new level.

Swimming pool or a beach? It is your call.

There are two beaches right below the cliff where you´ll be by yourself 99% of the time. The one on a left is known for its coral reefs there, where meeting the whole Finding Nemo cast is nothing unusual.

The beach on the right side is covered by volcanic sand, which makes it an idyllic place to relax, pick up some cute shells or dip into the ocean. It is just the perfect spot for swimming and occasional body surfing – yep, that´s when you catch the wave and let it carry you on. When you’ve had enough of the salty water, there is an infinity pool on the very edge of the cliff with a cute gazebo right next to it, where you can easily hide from the shining sun.

In case you would get bored….

Let´s be honest, days can sometimes get super long, especially at the end of this world, far away from civilization, therefore we offer you a large variety of trips all around Bali. Our tour guy Made will be happy to take you everywhere around or even on a boat trip. And what kind of trips do we offer? Download our trip brochure and find out more :)

Our previous guests' reviews

We spent a whole week at Makawi Tuwa. The bungalows and the bamboo half-opened shower were just perfect. Private beach with an incredible view, the sea, and the mountains, what a place - let me tell you. You fall asleep with the sounds of crashing waves into the cliff and in the morning you wake up to a wonderful sunrise. I woke up every morning at 5,30 so I get to see it. The best thing was, there are no tourists whatsoever, it is completely quiet and you are surrounded by stunning nature. The food was delicious, the team at Makawi Tuwa was so helpful, friendly and kind. We have been to many places in Bali but none of those were as stunning as Makawi Tuwa. We will definitely come back.

Kateřina Sandrová

We spent 4 days of our honeymoon at Makawi Tuwa. That place is the most romantic place we have ever been to and we highly recommend it to all couples out there. The bungalows are spacious and well designed. The view of the ocean is almost unbelievable and the black sand beach is definitely unique. The food cooked by a local chef was great. We are deeply grateful that we had decided to go to Makawi Tuwa, it was an unforgettable experience.


Makawi Tuwa - literally a paradise at the end of this world. A place where you completely forget about the daily struggle and just enjoy the sound of the waves crashing into the cliff and you get to relax all day long. You can go crazy on the “private” beach and be sure that no one will see you. We stayed in the beautiful and cozy bungalow with the coolest view of the ocean. Every single detail is perfectly underlining the overall boho vibe of the place. I also have to mention the restaurant with an open terrace from where you can see the black sand beach and watch a romantic sunrise. The staffs of this place are really sweet people, with a big smile on their faces. I can´t really think of any down-side of this place and I truly recommend it to everyone who is planning to go to Bali.


Makawi Tuwa is a lovely place where you can easily escape from the hectic daily routine. You get to wake up to a beautiful sunrise every morning and the sound of waves crashing into the cliff is just so relaxing and peaceful. You are surrounded by stunning nature, local people and the dogs. We fall in love with this place and we are so happy that we got the chance to go here.


Photos and videos taken by our guests


Video by Vojta Kvapilík

Not everyone does have to love this place. Why?

Paradise for some, a nightmare for others.

Why is that so?


We´ve got five cats and two dogs. If you have any allergies or you simply don´t like animals, that might be a problem.


Get ready for a really bumpy road for the last few kilometers heading to our place. If you decide to drive a scooter here and you don´t have any previous experiences - it might be challenging and annoying at the same time.

Away from the civilization

Please be aware that Makawi Tuwa is about 40 minutes away from any grocery stores or restaurants. Most people see it as an opportunity to spend some time away in complete silence, however, for some, it may be a struggle.


As we mentioned, our bungalows have an open bathroom with an incredible ocean view. However, it is a great way for insects to get inside. Please note that you are going to Asia and there are a lot of small bugs but you don´t have to be worried - they are not dangerous nor poisonous.

You might be questioning who is going to take care of you?

Team Makawi Tuwa

First, we started just two of us, speaking about my wife Annie and me. We worked really hard to make this place as beautiful as it is. Now, we live back in the Czech Republic and therefore we´ve got our great team - Made, Sandra and Neli. Made is a guy who can do everything, he can prepare a breakfast for you, clean up your room as well as to take you on a road trip and in the evening he is more than willing to have some drinks with you :) . Neli is a great chef, you will simply love everything she cooks. Last but not least is our gardener Sandra who is responsible to take care of our beautiful piece of paradise.

Sadra a syn
Sadra and son

And how much is it per night in Makawi?

Our rates

1 night / 2 people / breakfast included 99 USD
1 night / 3 people / breakfast included 119 USD
Airport pick - up/ drop - off Total length 3 hrs 90 USD
Full day trip/person 40 USD
Hiking to the top of the volcano/person 60 USD
Car rental/day 25 USD
Scooter rental/ day 5 USD
The average cost of a meal in the restaurant 4 USD

And how much does it all cost?

Here, you can download a sample budget for 10 days for 2 people inclusive everything you would possibly need (flight tickets, accommodation, food, trips around, rental of the scooter, airport pick-up/ drop-off and what not)

Frequently asked questions

How can I get in touch with you?

There are a few options for contacting me. You can either text me on my facebook page Lukas na Bali or just give me a call/whatsapp +420 606 054 401.

Will you help me to buy flight tickets?

Drop me a message on Facebook and I will get back to you with a detailed guide about how to buy the flight tickets.

When should I book the accommodation?

The sooner, the better. We are almost fully booked during the dry season, which is usually from April until October. We highly recommend starting to plan your holidays in a half year advance. However, if you are a free spirit and want to leave within a couple of days or weeks, you can try your luck. There is always a chance that our rooms will be available.

Where can I find out the availability?

We don´t post anywhere the availability of our place, therefore it is necessary to text me on facebook and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you need an immediate answer, you can try to reach me on my phone/whatsapp +420 606 054 401.

Do I need to pay something in advance?

Each guest has to pay 25% of the total cost in advance. After you make this payment you will be officially confirmed and the place will be booked for you. The rest of the payment, you pay on a spot in Makawi Tuwa.

When is the best time to go to Bali?

As we mentioned above, the best time to come to Bali is from April until October, which is the dry season. The rainy season occurs during winter months.

Contact me

Drop a message on my Facebook page

Or you can give me a call/whatsapp

+420 606 054 401